Join the Active Chapter for STAG! Saturday, May 18th

Join the Active Chapter for STAG! Saturday, May 18th



The active chapter is proud to announce the recognition they received at the 2018 Greek Awards Ceremony.

Zeta Chi or Zeta Chi chapter members received 12 of the 17 awards available, including the 5 Star Chapter Award, Outstanding Recruitment and Retention, Outstanding Scholarship, and both the New Member and Member of the year awards

The Zeta Chi Fraternity

Founded on May 23, 1905, Zeta Chi is the oldest independent fraternity west of the Mississippi. Zeta Chi was founded by sixteen Baker men who did not wish to join any of the existing national fraternities. They came together and created a self-governing fraternity that is still going strong, more than a century later.

The members of Zeta Chi place great value on scholastic achievement, brotherhood, and tradition. The men of Zeta Chi observe traditions that have endured for decades, such as Ramble, Zeta Chi's yearly bonfire party.

Being an independent fraternity means the members of the Active Chapter run the house year-round, with the guidance and support from their entire alumni chapter. Being independent also frees us from other restrictions that national fraternities follow, such as paying dues to a national governing board, which helps keep rent low.

Zeta Chi provides many opportunities to spend time with people who will become your life long friends.